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At SRS Distribution we are United by the American Dream and together with our country, customers, and company we want to be the preferred company for the Latin community in the roofing industry.
We provide a pathway to success by creating a collaborative environment with a focus on financial resources, training, personal and professional development, and industry connections.

Our 2024 Para Latinos Partners

SRS Para Latinos
For The Latino Contractor

Our goal is to create a comfortable environment for Spanish-speaking Roofing professionals and offer the SRS customer value proposition to support customer business growth. We provide unmatched service, resources, and best business practices with our SRS para Latino workshops. See the Burbank, CA Workshop Video.

SRS Para Latinos Hotline Rooferos Espanol
Resources in Spanish
At SRS Distribution, we equip each of our Latino professionals with the tools they need to succeed. In the last two years, we launched our Spanish Hotline, sponsored various regional workshops in Spanish, and attended national and regional tradeshows to network with Latino contractors. See the SRS Para Latinos IRE Video. 
The SRS website, Roof Hub platform, and SRS Para Latinos Facebook page are all available in Spanish. The SRS Para Latinos program will continue to grow and evolve as we find new ways to assist and celebrate Spanish-speaking professionals in the roofing community. Follow Us!

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Programa de Lealtad SRS Para Latinos
programa de lealtad srs para latinos

Dan Tinker, CEO of SRS Distribution

Our CEO, Dan Tinker, welcomes Latino contractors to the SRS family of companies in Spanish.

Julissa Chavez, SRS Para Latinos Program Manager

Watch this Video Podcast in Spanish with Sergio Terreros, President of the National Hispanic Contractors Association (NAHICA), Kent Gardner (SRS Distribution President), and Julissa Chavez.

SRS Para Latinos
EXITO Awards
SRS Para Latinos launched the first "Premios Exito" or Contractor Success Awards, designed to recognize and celebrate the talent of Latino contractors in 4-key areas: Contractor of the Year, Emerging Contractor, Community Hero, and Successful Women in Roofing. We present these awards every year at the International Roofing Expo (IRE). Watch the 2022 Premios Exito Awards Video.
SRS Para Latinos Hotline Rooferos Espanol
Latino Talent
SRS Para Latinos exists to both highlight the unparalleled talent among Spanish-speaking contractors, and to help break down barriers they face when doing business. At SRS Distribution, we believe the growth of the Latino contractor is critical to the roofing industry's future, and we are committed to helping them prosper. See All Bilingual Careers at SRS Distribution and its Network.

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Open a new SRS account by filling out a credit or cash on delivery application. This process activates you as a customer and is your first step to the best customer service, innovation, and relationship in the industry.

The credit application is easy to understand and walks you through each step of the process. With eight simple steps you will be able to get the line of credit you need to continue to grow your business.

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Watch the following video and learn how to complete a credit application with SRS Distribution. If you still have questions, please call our Help Line in Spanish at 877-783-3767

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SRS Para Latinos
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SRS Para Latinos Hotline Rooferos Espanol
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