Professional Roofing Products

TopShield is an exclusive brand of premium residential roofing products, siding products and accessories. Ensuring the maximum performance and consistency, TopShield residential products are among the highest quality in the industry. TopShield products are developed with an unwavering focus on increasing every customer's productivity and profitability, while providing the highest level of product performance possible.

TopShield product solutions span many categories including synthetic underlayments, Ice and Water protection, roof ventilation, nails, roof repair products, roof coatings, caulk, matching roof spray paint, and more.

Quality & Cost


Continuing the TopShield® commitment of providing only the highest quality products helping our TopShield customers be successful, Craftgrade brings quality with the features and benefits normally found in products with much higher costs. Our customers have grown to expect all TopShield® products to perform and meet their demanding needs of quality without exception, CraftGrade delivers.

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