2400 Irvin Cobb Drive
Paducah, KY 42003
Phone: 800 788-1050
Fax: 323-269-2184

Our Story

We got our start back in 1952, when a man named Pete Brown began selling mini blinds out of the back of his station wagon. A true entrepreneur, Pete grew his shop-on-wheels into AlumaKraft, a new Brown family venture that specialized in distributing aluminum construction products.

In the 1980’s, the Brown family business moved into distributing vinyl construction products. Before long, they realized they could do more than just distribution. By 1986, the Brown family began manufacturing specialty construction products, with the same dedication Pete started with back in the station wagon days.

And in 1998, we officially took up the name, ViWinTech Windows & Doors.

Today, we operate off of the same hard work, attention to detail and family-oriented service we always have. The only difference? We’re blessed to work on a larger scale than Pete could’ve ever imagined.

We operate out of a 140,000 sq. foot plant in Paducah, Kentucky. We distribute products in 26 states across the South and Midwest. We own 15 semi-tractors and 26 trailers to move products to anyone who needs a little help with their home.

And we’re thankful for every moment

Today, we’re craftsmen, full stop. We put our hearts into everything that comes off our line. We stake our livelihood on the success of your project. We’ve built a team of professionals top-down, from management, to warehouse workers, to truck drivers, who are trained to deliver you a top-notch vinyl product without so much as a scratch on it.

Now enough about us. How can we enhance your view?

Product Offering

  • Windows
  • Doors

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