The Rise of NextGen Restoration

The Rise of NextGen Restoration

May 10, 2024

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Founded in 2015, NextGen Restoration has grown from a fledgling business into a beacon for excellence in the roofing industry. This post unfolds the journey of Josh Steinberger and NextGen Restoration—a story that not only inspires but also educates budding entrepreneurs.

From the Ground Up: Josh’s Entry into Roofing

When the 2008 real estate bubble burst, Josh Steinberger took a chance – moving to Cleveland, OH to start working in the roofing industry. He became an integral part of a local roofing company - where he helped build it to an 8 figure business before striking out on his own to form NextGen Restoration.
His initial steps into the industry were characterized by hard work, learning, and the accumulation of hands-on experience from previous work in sales. These early years equipped him with the technical know-how and the business acumen required to run a successful roofing company.

Scaling the Heights: Challenges and Growth

As with many growing businesses, NextGen faced challenges in scaling operations, especially after the pandemic. The construction industry is notorious for its high turnover rates, and roofing is no exception. Josh realized that sustaining growth wasn’t just about winning projects—it was about building a team that shared his dedication and values.

This realization led to a more focused effort on hiring practices. Instead of just filling positions, NextGen began looking for great people to join their team—individuals who resonated with the business and that were committed to its long-term vision. The company operates in Ohio and Kansas with about 50 employees, and NextGen is always looking to add talented hard-working individuals to their ranks.

A key facet of building their current team was homing in on the company’s core values. While navigating through a phase of adopting and revising these core values, the leadership, spearheaded by Josh and his wife, recognized the need for authenticity over more trendy buzzwords often used on social media. This led them to establish a unique set of company values, encapsulated by the acronym “HAIL.” For their team, HAIL stands for helpfulness, accountability, integrity, and loyalty.

This move not only enriched the company as a whole but also ensured that every team member, irrespective of their role, understands and embodies their beliefs, fostering a winning and growth-minded culture.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

When asked about his advice for industry entrepreneurs, Josh is unequivocal: "Find a company to work for and get experience before starting your own business." He believes that firsthand experience in the field is invaluable. Understanding the nuts and bolts of roofing, along with the complexities of running a business, can save budding entrepreneurs from many pitfalls.

Josh also highly encourages investing in yourself early in your career whether that’s through coaching, getting a mentor, or going to conferences. This self-investment helped him to build his brand, curate a competitive company presence online, and position himself as an expert in the industry at large. Josh currently boasts over 22,000 followers on Instagram at @joshsteinberger, where he shares sales tips, interactions with NextGen’s customers, his team’s work, and industry knowledge daily.

A Proud Moment and a Bright Future

When asked what he was most proud of in his work with NextGen Restoration, Josh shared with us a moment he had recently with his youngest son, William. On a team call in the car discussing the company's core values, a new staff member was momentarily stumped trying to list all of them. William, without being asked, immediately chimed in from the backseat. He not only named HAIL, each of the core values, and what they meant, but also explained why they were important for the company. This moment was more than just paternal pride; it was a testament to the deep-rooted culture and its impact beyond business.


For those navigating the competitive waters of the roofing industry, NextGen Restoration’s journey underscores the importance of building on solid ground—whether it’s acquiring the right experience, training, assembling a team that shares your vision, or taking the time to define your core values. Mastering the full set of ingredients is what has paced the success of Josh Steinberger and his team at NextGen Restoration.

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