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Hallandale, FL 33009
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About Us.

Tropical Roofing Products is a national manufacturer of roofing materials that are used in the repair, maintenance, and restoration of roofing systems.

The best part of "About Us" is that it's really all "About You."  That's right, we're obsessively focused on our customers.  We know that if we take care of you, we'll also take care of ourselves.  That's why Tropical Roofing Products are available at the nation's leading wholesale roofing and building materials distributors. But we'll get to that. Here's the short story:

Tropical Roofing Products was launched as a family business in 1952.  With a dream and ambition, father and son, and a handful of dedicated employees opened an asphalt manufacturing plant in Hallandale Beach, Florida. For more than 60 years now, Tropical Roofing Products has manufactured all of its many professional-grade roof cements, primers, adhesives and coatings exclusively in the USA.  Not only in Florida, but also in our facilities in Texas and California serving our truly national customer base, and saving them both time and money. 

Tropical is still a family business.  But, of course, the family has grown to over 50 professionals, with diverse expertise in the fields of chemistry, engineering, manufacturing, materials management, research and development, sales, marketing, finance, logistics, and more.  Good thing we love working together!

We test all of our products in our own laboratory and in the field before putting the trusted Tropical Brand name on them so that you can have total confidence in their performance.

There's more About Us in the “History and Accreditations” page.  But enough about us for now!  We're really all...

About You.

You're a Professional Roofing Contractor, Builder, Building or Property Owner/Manager, Architect, Consultant or Specifier.  You're an expert at your profession, and recognize quality, consistency, and a great level of service.  You value partnerships with suppliers, and expect far more than a product transaction.  You require a dedicated team focused on your satisfaction.  You appreciate solutions, not excuses. You need a reliable partner who is an expert in roofing materials and systems. You want a manufacturer that prides itself with its culture of continuous improvement, and its focus on total quality management practices. You need the highest quality service through a true partner that engages with its customers before, during, and after with the application of the roofing materials.

And you want to partner with a company that will continue to innovate, and be a leader in the roofing industry far into the future. 

In other words, you want to GO TROPICAL.  

Product Offering

  • Reflective Roofing Products
  • Asphalt Roofing Products
  • Primers and Adhesives
  • Mastic and Cements
  • Spray Polyurethane Foam
  • Accessory Products
  • Cool Roofing Solutions

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