Tie Down Engineering

255 Villanova Drive SW
Atlanta, GA 30336
Phone: 404-344-0000
Fax: 404 349-0401

Proudly Made in the USA

Founded in Atlanta, GA, Tie Down operates through the mantra of “Made in the USA.” As it becomes increasingly more difficult to find products made in the United states, the heart of every Tie Down product lies deep in American manufacturing and ingenuity. These attributes and the passion of our fellow hardworking Americans make us the company we are today.

Tie Down credits its longevity to the high-quality processes that run over 500,000 square feet of ISO-9001 facilities in Atlanta.

Why is this important?
  • For most Americans, “Made in the USA” is a mark of excellence.
  • US manufacturers often hold higher standards for safety, education, and employees. Tie Down develops product under strict compliance regulations and rigorously tests for these compliance’s.
  • The reduced dependence on foreign imports and strengthened US independence.
  • Buying American products creates jobs for US factories and other jobs in the economy.
  • Manufacturing standards guarantee cleaner and healthier processes.

Product Offering

  • Roof Zone
  • Roofing Tools
  • Safety Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Dock Hardware & Accessories
  • Wash Sinks
  • Foundation Systems
  • TrazSporter Platform Hoist
  • TranzSporter Wall Jack
  • Marine Trailer Parts
  • Marine Anchors
  • Trailer Parts
  • Maxilator
  • MaxQ

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