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History Behind the “Malco” Brand
An aerial view of the Malco Products Annandale Plant
An aerial view of the Annandale Plant

Malco Products, SBC got its start in 1950 when a young steel supply salesman, Mark W. Keymer, decided to manufacture and market a pipe crimper he had invented for use in installing the “new” sheet metal ductwork used with forced air heating systems. More tools soon followed, including the first hand seamer to employ compound leverage, a time saving hand notcher that made a V-shaped cut in one motion and a hand operated, snap lock punch to complete the basic sheet metal tool set. Now metal duct fabrication could easily be done at the job site and the tools were well received by contractor-installers. Mark Keymer’s manufacturing operations soon had to move from a garage to the more spacious basement of his Minneapolis home. Mr. Keymer relates that the origin of the Malco name came from combining his first name and the first name of an early associate named Al: Malco for “Mark and Al’s Company” (it was Al’s garage). The fledgling tool company’s humble move upward, so to speak, from a garage to a basement was the first of many moves and plant expansions. Over 68-years later, the legacy of that exciting start-up company lives on. The early Malco crimpers, seamers, notchers and punches have since been joined by hundreds of other specialty tools. Malco’s success continues to be built around service to the trades and a steady stream of new and exciting labor-saving tool designs. Our employee owners are committed to producing tools of lasting quality and performance that promote on-the-job safety and health for hands-on pros who have come to rely on the trusted Malco brand.

Where Malco is Today

Today Malco Products, SBC is the nation’s leading manufacturer of “tools of the trade” for HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) professionals. In 1975 Malco also created a vital specialty tool market for EXTERIOR REMODELING professionals (Installers of Roofing, Siding and Gutter) and holds the leadership position in that niche as well. This market definition has since grown to also include tools for installers of FENCE, DECK and RAIL. Another, very recent, market venture for Malco is AUTOBODY REPAIR and REFINISHING. This market presents opportunities for tools that cut or work body panels as well as tools for paint prep. Early on, Malco’s introduction of a power-assisted Quarter Panel Hemming Tool was recognized with a 2014 SEMA Award for Best New Product in the Collision Repair and Refinishing Category.

Malco Products, SBC corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Annandale, Minnesota, just outside the Minneapolis / St. Paul metroplex. Malco continues its founder’s tradition of leadership by addressing an ever-changing industry landscape and responding to emerging market needs for new specializations and more customized products and services for the end-user.

Product Offering

  • Andy Snips
  • AV Snips
  • C-Rhex: Cleanable Reversible Hex Drivers
  • Connext Quick Change Hex Hand Drivers
  • Hand Tools
  • Power Tools
  • Other Tools
  • More...

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