April 2022 Price Increase Announcement

April 2022 Price Increase Announcement

March 14, 2022

To Our Valued Customers:

As the imbalance of supply and demand continues to persist, inflation pressure has now been intensified by global unrest.  The confluence of these factors is providing a challenging mix of supply chain disruptions leading to extreme rising costs and freight for all products from our manufacturing partners. You may find the most recent round of price increase notices on our website at www.srsdistribution.com.

In response to these increased costs, we are announcing a 10 - 15% increase for asphalt shingles and residential roofing accessories effective on or after April 11th, 2022. Commodity-based items will be priced at time of shipment so please work with your branch representative for further information. We also predict more increases will be coming in future months, so plan accordingly.

Fuel related charges will be handled by your local representatives, but please expect significant increases effective immediately.

For real-time information related to roof material orders, invoices, pricing, deliveries, and more, visit www.roofhub.pro from your desktop or mobile device.

Thank you for your ongoing business and support. We look forward to continuing as your supplier partner of choice and remain committed to providing value to your business and transparency on the current cost environment.



 Jeremy Goldschedding
Jeremy Goldschmeding
EVP, Building Products Division
SRS Distribution

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