Changing Lives One Project at a Time with Oklahoma Elite Restoration

Changing Lives One Project at a Time with Oklahoma Elite Restoration

February 14, 2024

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Achieving success in the construction industry is not attainable without customer satisfaction and the success of people working with you.

Helping others while being the CEO of a flourishing restoration business may seem impossible to do at the same time. However, for Mike Monterroso, CEO of Oklahoma Elite Restoration, it has been the key to success and has helped his company grow from a small roofing business to a comprehensive residential and commercial restoration company with offices in Oklahoma City and Norman.

"I started at the age of 17 helping my uncle. He worked in roofing and had difficulty communicating because he didn't speak English very well. So, I started helping him because I was bilingual, and that's when I realized the significant growth opportunity in this sector," says Monterroso. "We began collaborating with other roofers, and over time, we had many workgroups. Before I knew it, I had my own company."

The story that started years ago with his uncle was what drove Mike Monterroso to connect with other contractors in the industry, many of whom were working without pay or fair treatment. This inspired Monterroso to want to do more for his community and his clients. "I noticed that many companies focused on treating clients as numbers. I wanted to do more, to be more personal with everyone. So, I always stay involved throughout each project. I'm there, at least one, two, or three hours working, from the beginning to the final inspection we conduct."

Mike Monterroso has become an example in the industry that perseverance and entrepreneurial dreams are the perfect combination to evolve in this line of work. But this success is not achieved without obstacles, and sometimes the obstacles are in our own minds. "The hardest thing for me is fear. We all doubt whether we can achieve it or not, and so many people are depending on you," says Monterroso. "If you do well with a job, they will also do well. The responsibility of having that on your shoulders is immense. My workers depend on me to feed their families, and I think that's the toughest part. But if I don't take the risk and take that step forward, then they will never see how they can achieve their own success either."

Monterroso has encouraged several contractors to dream bigger, and to believe they can achieve more than their current work. His vision is that everyone can achieve success, and he has become a mentor to many contractors. “I talk to them and teach them what they can do. Many of them don't speak English, or they don't have papers, but I teach them everything from taxes and beyond." Through this, Monterroso has helped some acquaintances and even a longtime friend achieve success in the gutter business. "He would say, I can't do it, Mike. I told him, yes, you can, trust me, I'll help you. And we did it in 3 years, and now it's a successful company that serves more than 17 contractors in Oklahoma."

In the construction business, the ability to overcome obstacles and grow is influenced by the ability to connect with other contractors, and for Monterroso, this is what yields results and keeps clients satisfied. "Doing the job as the client wants is one of the most rewarding aspects. Knowing that we have the ability to carry out that project and do it well creates a positive energy, not only in our clients but also in the contractors who support us," says Monterroso. "Contractors whom I've seen start with a truck and four guys and now have four trucks with over 23 guys working for them. Knowing that we can influence that growth in others is what satisfies me the most."

For Monterroso, one thing is clear in the path he has taken to success, and the advice he gives to every entrepreneurial contractor is simple. “Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid because you don't know if it will go well or not until you take that step forward," says Monterroso. "And if it doesn't go well, you can always try again, and eventually, it will happen, you will take that step forward that will take you to the next level."

Oklahoma Elite Restoration has been an SRS Distribution customer since December 2021, their branch is SRS Building Products in Central Oklahoma City and they are actively involved in the SRS Para Latinos Program.

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