Acorn Roofing Supply

A Proud Member of the SRS Family Since 2021

Acorn Roofing Supply has been serving you for over 40 years from our Chicago location. Our commitment to you is to earn your trust and respect so as to win you as a customer for life. Family owned and operated, we are in the day-by-day operations to make sure we go the extra mile to provide the best service our customers deserve.


  • Steep Slope Roofing
  • Low Slope Roofing
  • Siding & Accessories
  • Gutters & Accessories
  • Windows & Skylights
  • Tools & Equipment

Return Policy

Customers need to return the products with original receipt to receive full credit. In addition to the receipt: Products must be in resalable condition; Customer must bring original invoice with receipt; If product was paid with credit or debit card, customer must bring original charged card to apply refund. No cash can be refunded if payment was made with credit or debit card.

IL Locations

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