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Family-Owned Window and Door Manufacturer 

Founded in 1982, Viwinco Windows is a family-owned and operated window and door manufacturer creating custom-made vinyl windows, patio doors and associated products for new construction and replacement applications in the residential and commercial markets. Our president, engineers, customer service and sales staff have decades of experience and we are dedicated to meeting the changing needs of homeowners. 

In-house Window and Door Manufacturing Process 

Our in-house process supports our commitment to being a high-quality window and door manufacturer and results in ensured lead times on standard orders of 7 days or less. 

We control the source of our production and our products by designing, manufacturing and researching at our in-house facilities. Our in-house Research and Development facilities allow us to utilize cutting-edge equipment. Our dedicated laminating and tempering departments and our own certified test wall let us oversee the quality of every product we produce.

We are committed to energy-efficient production and sustainability.  We use a solar farm consisting of over 7,800 solar panels on our land supply us with 40% of the energy we use annually to fuel our manufacturing facility. Harnessing energy from the sun, an infinitely renewable energy resource, reduces pollution from fossil fuels and has no impact on climate change. 

Our Window and Door Products 

From vinyl replacement windows to top thermal preforming new construction options, Viwinco Windows surpasses industry expectations and impress our customers. Ranked on the Top 100 Manufacturers List  by Window & Door, we are proud of the accolades our hard work and dedication have awarded us. We invite you to view our galleries and learn more about our window and door products. 

Viwinco Windows Reviews 

We value our customers.  Perhaps the most important part of our business and success is the commitment and personalized attention we bring to our products for our customers—from hand-washing each window or door before it leaves our facility, to helping you with your particular order before, during, and after installation. Check out what our satisfied customers and pleased homeowners have to say about their experience with Viwinco Windows. And, if you have been happy with our window and door products, please leave us a review

Energy Efficient Window and Doors. Where Production and Sustainability Go Hand in Hand

Our high-performance glass package: Viwinco's thermally-efficient products contribute to the energy efficiency of your home and to a cleaner environment. All our products contain our high-performance, energy-saving glass package with low-e, Intercept® ULTRA stainless steel (OceanView products use the Duralite® high performance spacer by Quanex), low conductance spacer, and argon gas fill. We set that standard at the outset and have never wavered from it.

Our Frame:  Vinyl is a 100% recyclable, *highly durable material that performs for a lifetime, leading to a reduction in consumption. Plus, our custom-designed profile contains over five pounds more PVC than frames manufactured by most of our competitors, resulting in increased structural integrity and augmenting the energy efficiency provided by our glass package. All of these qualities lead to decreased reliance on electrical and other energy sources...and less carbon dioxide released into our environment. 

*Our scrap vinyl is collected by our extruder and reground for use in other products they make.

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