Staroba Plastics

42 Edgewood Drive
Holland, NY 14080
Phone: 800 211-7170
Fax: 716 537-9536

Staroba Plastics, the first of the Staroba Group of companies, was established in Toronto, Canada, during 1969. A full service custom molder/contract manufacturer, Staroba Plastics is home to over 40 injection molding presses, ranging from 200 to 1000 ton.

As Staroba Plastics grew, it gave birth to two other companies that support it, as well as provide services to outside customers. The first, Buffalo Polymer Processors, Inc. (BPPI), is a custom compounding firm. Primarily focused on producing a proprietary polymer, "Starloy", formulated from vulcanized rubber scrap and scrap plastics, BPPI has the equipment and expertise to compound a wide range of thermoplastics.

The second company, K & M Custom Mold and Machining, evolved from a small Staroba Plastics department that provided support and maintenance for the tooling employed by the molding operations.

K & M's team has over 50 years of experience in the design and construction of all manner of plastic injection tooling.

A true vertically integrated operation, the Staroba Group of companies excels at managing all facets of commerce. We can provide design, tooling, custom raw materials, manufacturing services (including assembly and decoration), storage and local/national/international distribution.

Product Offering

The Staroba Group Offers The Following Services:
Injection Molding
•Molding, Engineering and Design Resources

Tool Building
•Prototype, Production and Repair

Raw Material Compounding
•Tolling and Custom Compounding

Secondary Operations
•Light Assembly, Hot Stamping and Packaging

•Storage, Scheduling, Distribution and Logistics Management