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The toughest part of any roofing job has always been tear-offs and clean-up. Without the right tools, this is back-breaking work. But in 1981, roofer Vinny Testa found a better way. His patented invention, The Original Shingle Eater, made roof removal easier with an ergonomic, purpose-built design and thoughtful features designed by a contractor, for contractors.

Vinny’s passion and determination led him to sell his first few tools out of the back of his truck, and it wasn’t long before other roofers discovered that a Shingle Eater was much more efficient at stripping than any other tool. In the 40 years since, Shingle Eater has become the top-selling roof stripping tool on the market and has earned the loyalty and trust of roofers and distributors nationwide.

Product Offering

Shingle Eater is the hardest working, most durable roof stripping tool on the market. Made in the USA of high quality steel, Shingle Eater’s single piece construction is light but tough for more shingle stripping power with less effort, so you can get the job done and get on to the next one.