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Since 1980, Roofing Products International, Inc. has provided quality EPDM single ply systems to the commercial and residential roofing markets.

RPI has achieved a steady growth in its product support technical group and, correspondingly, in its customer base. This growth was made possible by carefully structuring a quality distribution network serviced by an outstanding team of both employee and independent technical and customer service representatives. Attention to detail has been prioritized by the addition of a toll free hotline and by the offering of field technical roofing seminars for users of our roofing systems installations.

During a period of turbulent times, Roofing Products International has remained constant in market focus, concentrating on small to medium sized roofing contractors. This concentration is in the form of establishing a partnership of sorts through our Registered Roofing Contractor Program.

RPI has remained constant in its product usage. The same family of adhesives (bonding, seam, and sealants) has been used throughout our existence. This consistency will remain as the adhesive manufacturer was acquired in 1990 and now dedicates its manufacture to RPI's exclusive use.

RPI has remained constant in its offering of roofing systems. While many different types of roofing materials and systems have come and gone during the last decade, RPI has successfully sold and serviced the basic four:

  1. Fully Adhered
  2. Non-Penetrating Batten
  3. In-Seam Batten
  4. Loose-Laid and Ballasted

We appreciated your interest in our company and our products. We look forward to working with you and please understand that every effort will be made on our part to assure the success of your roofing project.

Product Offering

  • Royal Edge EPDM
  • RPI Re-Flex EPDM
  • RPI Re-Flex TPO
  • Re-Flex Coating