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The polystyrene experts you can trust

We are proud to be the sole Geofoam/Expanded Polystyrene manufacturer in all of New Jersey. Our team specializes in geofoam for construction in both the private and public sectors. From engineering solutions to submittals and beyond, we facilitate the building process in several ways. 

Our Expanded Polystyrene products are affordable, long-lasting, and does not mandate staging or preloading typically necessary with other construction applications. Our footprint continues to expand with each passing day.  In fact, our products were even used to rebuild in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and 9/11. 

Our team has gone to great lengths to make our geofoam as environmentally-friendly as possible. Our attention to detail is unparalleled. We are diligent in testing our geofoam to guarantee it is of the highest quality and capable of lasting for centuries. 

From New Jersey to New York, Washington DC, Connecticut, Maine, Pennsylvania, and beyond, our geofoam, Poly R.I.T.E, and other products are currently used just about everywhere throughout the northeast. Put your trust in our geofoam and you will find this lightweight fill serves as a suitable substitute for soil that significantly reduces the load in myriad applications ranging from industrial to commercial and residential. The comparably light load decreases settlements, boosts stability, and proves reliable across posterity.

Product Offering

  • Geofoam
  • Poly RITE
  • EPS Roofing Systems / Tapered Insulation
  • Flute Filler
  • Poly-Fold
  • Poly HD Board
  • EIFS / Stucco Board