Karnak Corporation

330 Central Ave.
Clark, NJ 07066
Phone: 800 526-4236
Fax: 732 388-9422

KARNAK’s mission is to manufacture the highest quality sustainable roofing and building solutions to protect, restore and extend the life of the building envelope while reducing the environmental impact. We distinguish ourselves by providing friendly, personalized customer service and outstanding product satisfaction.
KARNAK takes its name from the Temple of KARNAK in Luxor, Egypt not from the Johnny Carson magician figure as many have speculated. The Temple, built and rebuilt by successive Pharaohs from 1500 BCE to 400 CE, is the largest ancient religious site, the Vatican of its day. It is believed to be one of the first known uses of bitumen for dampproofing, to protect against flooding from the Nile River. While we will never know if our products last for centuries but we do know that if any products will stand the test of time, ours will.
Twenty four years ago, I left the practice of law to proudly join KARNAK, the company my father and a partner bought in 1933, at the height of the depression for a total of $10,000. Unfortunately, I never got to work with my father, but the life lessons he taught me and that he followed to successfully take a near bankrupt company and build it into the premier coating and mastic company guide me every day. These are the same lessons I am imparting to my son, Jake who recently entered the business.

My dad made the iconic red and yellow can the symbol of quality and consistency. As we transition from a black bitumen-based company to an environmentally-oriented technically-advanced company with four manufacturing facilities throughout the United States, we never lose sight of our overriding principles – three phrases that still best describe our company:

Product Offering

  • Primers & Cleaners
  • Repair Products
  • Base Coats
  • Finish Coats
  • Damp Proofing
  • Air Barriers
  • Fabric & Tapes
  • Accessories / Misc