Huntsman Building Solutions

Arlington, TX 76011
Phone: 833 442-7225
Fax: 817-633-2000

About Us

Huntsman Building Solutions manufactures industry leading spray polyurethane foam (SPF) and coatings for roof, attic and wall applications. Formed in May 2020 through the combination of the Demilec and Icynene-Lapolla SPF businesses, Huntsman Building Solutions, a business unit of Huntsman Corporation, has a combined heritage of more than 110 years insulating homes and buildings.

Through the ecothermal approach to product design, leveraging sustainable innovative technology, Huntsman Building Solutions focuses on meeting market demands for more energy-efficient building envelope serving a range of industries, including residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and agricultural.

Product Offering

  • Closed-Cell Insulation
  • Open-Cell Insulation
  • Other Foam Solutions
  • Coatings
  • Roof Foams
  • Roofing Coatings