Garrdal Corporation

5715 Sload Drive
Toledo, OH 43615
419 279-8182

Garrdal Is An American-Made, 2-Part Pipe Flashing That Is Designed To Go Around Rooftop Obstacles Such As Wire Masts, High Efficiency Appliance Stacks And Other Tricky Pipes With Great Ease. 
Why Should You Use Garrdal?
  • Installs In Less Than 60 Seconds
  • No Clips Needed
  • Perfectly Seals All Pipes Up To 5" In Diameter
  • Extreme Temperatures And UV Resistance 
  • UV Resistant Co-Polymer Rigid Base
  • UV Resistant  TPE collar
  • New Construction Appearance
  • Does Not Crack Or Lift With Weathering
  • Supports American Manufacturing
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Product Offering

  • Electrical Masts
  • Concentric Pipes
  • Other Obstacles