Win the Sale Seminar Series

Win the Sale Seminar Series

If you want to close more sales and maximize your profitability, then this is the workshop for you.

WIN THE SALE is a complete sales-training program designed to enhance your success through better utilization of the sales process, the development of a sales system, and pricing strategies that influence the buyer to spend more with you.

This powerful workshop combines both interpersonal and functional selling skills into a strategically focused experience that is designed to reflect your business’ day-to-day challenges, opportunities, and competitive reality.

You will learn practical, ready-to-use selling strategies to grow your profits by boosting close rates at higher margins.

Upcoming dates

11/16 – Cleveland, OH

11/17 – Buffalo, NY

11/18 – Rochester, NY

11/30 – Atlanta, GA

12/8 – Tampa, FL

12/16 – Charlotte, NC

1/26 – Washington DC

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